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Whether your project is domestic or commercial, public or private, I have the knowledge and experience to provide a full and cost effective structural engineering design and drawing service. Working with individuals, project managers, architects, developers or contractors, I am able to tailor my services to meet your needs.

I have experience in the following areas:

  • domestic single beams & extensions

  • residential, including barn conversions

  • offices & retail 

  • sports, leisure & entertainment

  • industrial units

  • education and further education

  • healthcare

  • bespoke

  • retaining walls


The buildings could be new or existing - modern, historic or listed. I can also offer assistance in the design of one-off products with a structural component, support for artists in hanging or displaying works or designing sculpture support frameworks.

Although I do not offer a civil engineering service, I can put you in touch with experienced colleagues if required.

Structural surveys

structural surveys

If you own, or are about to purchase a building and need to consider the structural condition, stability, or suitability for refurbishment, demolition or just peace of mind, I offer surveys such as:

  • domestic and commercial structural surveys of whole buildings

  • structural surveys on buildings to investigate specific issues or areas of concern

  • structural feasibility surveys to assess the ability of an existing building to be renovated, converted or extended, including class Q barn conversions

  • structural demolition surveys to understand the construction of an existing building prior to demolition, to establish a safe form of demolition or deconstruction

All surveys will be risk assessed prior to commencement and if necessary, I have access to engage additional resources where a larger team is required for safety.

All surveys will initially be carried out as visual non-intrusive surveys, with follow up intrusive investigations if required.

Peer Reviews and Value Engineering

Peer and value engineering reviews

I offer independent or collaborative structural design reviews for any client wanting a second opinion on a structural design proposal.

This might be prior to a key stage sign off, entering a building contract, or for a contractor who is asked for value engineering ideas to help reduce costs. It normally doesn’t take long to assess proposals and see if the key issues have been addressed, whether potential problems have been missed or if a simpler solution could be employed.


This service can be a one-off engagement on a specific issue or a longer-term client side or contractor support position, with independent reviews scheduled throughout a project.

In the unfortunate case where something has gone wrong with your project, I offer an independent advice service. I will review the issue, existing designs, contractor or consultant remediation proposals and discuss potential alternative solutions with you as appropriate.

In all cases peer and value engineering reviews will be carried out within the requirements of the IStructE Professional Code of Conduct.

Consultant support

Consultant support

For companies offering consulting structural engineering services, the decision of when to take on and train new full-time staff can be a difficult one. Using agency staff can cause management headaches on quality control and delivery. With recent technological developments, establishing collaborative, independent, additional flexible resources, with experienced engineers, is the way forward. I am able to support your company and share my decades of experience, delivering quality engineering, in the following ways:

  • Steel, concrete, timber or multi-material frame design service

  • Steel, concrete, timber, or masonry element design service

  • Sub-structure design service

  • Retaining wall design service

  • Experienced independent reviews of the structural design proposals on a project at conception and / or at other key stage reviews of the structural design proposals, as part of enhanced quality control checking procedure on a project

  • Experienced independent key stage peer reviews to assist in problem solving

  • Staff training and development

Please contact me to discuss how we could work collaboratively together to provide the support your company is looking for.

Independent Inspections

independent inspections




Are you looking for an independent structural site inspection of your project during the construction phase?


I provide individual or regular inspection routines, of super or sub-structure installations, to meet specific quality control objectives, provide a general contractor oversight and peace of mind or for problem solving a specific issue. 

I can carry out the construction stage site role for project managers, architects, developers or contractors where existing project consultants are unable to carry out this role.

Structural Connection Details

connection design




I offer either a standard or bespoke connection design service using the latest MasterSeries and IDEA StatiCa software where appropriate.

The standard full connection design service is appropriate for fabricators or consultants needing all their connections designed.

The bespoke connection design service is more suited to consultants needing additional, experienced, resource to check critical or tricky connections that could affect the overall design, but where they don’t have a full connection design responsibility.

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

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